Unrevealing Mysteries and myths about Bermuda Triangle

Devil’s  Triangle:

Almost over the past several years, 3000 ships and hundreds of aircraft got missing in the secret waters of the Atlantic ocean at the stretch of triangle-shaped waters known as Devil’s Triangle or most notoriously known as the frightening name of Bermuda Triangle. It’s yet almost unknown to the human mind that how those man-made things disappeared. This causes chaos of rumors, theories and one can say this mystery is also one of the riddles which humankind somehow believes is pointed to some supernatural activity.  The triangle is also known as the devil’s graveyard because nothing can be ever found once lost in that area.

Geographical importance :

It is located in the west part of the North Atlantic ocean mostly having a long stretch of waters making a triangular shape having its tips at Miami (Florida ), Bermuda, San Juan,  and Puerto Rico. These areas capture the attraction of a huge number of tourists every year. Beautiful coasts of Florida, Puerto Rico sun heaven islands, and the Bahamas including the mesmerizing coral seas of Bermuda.  Bermuda is an island named after the Bermuda triangle. The total area of the triangle varies from 1,300,000 to 3,900,000 km2. Many aircraft, cruise ships have to sail through the region to reach their destined location.  

 Striking Incidents :

 The myths of Bermuda starts long before and people believe that one of William Shakespeare’s plays “The Tempest” is based on the wrecking of boat stories in that triangle. As the play is inspired by the founder of Bermuda English colony Admiral Somers ship wreckage stories,  there might be something true about that belief.

Colombus also pass across the Bermuda triangle while making his first journey of finding a new world and stated the phenomena of striking of bursting flame to the sea which caused a straight line appearance at some distance a few weeks after.

After that, myths about vanishing ships and crew members started in that area. First solo sailor  Joshua Slocum disappeared while traveling from Martha Vineyard to South America in Bermuda Triangle.

After that, a series of disappearing occurs as 309 crew membered and carrying almost 10,000-ton ore of manganese USS cyclops which is the US navy biggest and most efficient ship disappeared leaving no trace behind in 1918 while making its journey back to Brazil from the Caribbean and the vanishing of USS Proteus having a total of 58 passengers on board and not more than a month fading of USS Nereus followed the event having almost 61 passengers en route on the same journey.

Vanishing of Aircraft:

In 1945 even though world war 2 ended many army recruits were still living with their families along with the shores of Florida and were still performing their services in forces. There was everyday training of TBM avengers on their bombing missions at that time. Just like a normal day of training on 5th December 1945 a perplexing event occurred when Lieutenant Charles Taylor was among his 14 trainees vanished in flight 19. Gian qazar studied the mysterious event for about 10 years and stated the event as it was almost afternoon five avenger’s bombers took off. It was an advanced navigation training and the route was 316 nautical miles from the east over the hen and chicken shoals north over Bahamian islands and west way back to to the training base. This whole route includes the Bermuda triangle too. It took them almost 30 mins to reach the hen and chicken shoals where they spent 20 minutes for the practiced bombing but in a half an hour into the mission the magnetic compasses used for navigation at that time stopped working and after that, no trace of Flight 19 was found.

Even though 242 planes in worsening weather searched for Flight 19 for days but the missing aircraft and not even a single member made it back to the land. The mystery is yet unsolved but many believe that pilot misbelief that there are Florida keys down which is an island 200 miles away in the Bahamas. So after official inquiry, it was stated that the event occurred due to Taylor who become confused and done an error. It is also rumored that Taylor might escape the mishap and Bahamians picked him where he got married and remain in disguise so that he won’t be court-martialed in the blame of the incident.

This was the main incident that leads people’s attention towards the Bermuda triangle. Every year a memorial service is held on 5th December for the missing at fort Lauderdale.

This was the incident that shook the world and drew people’s attention towards this devil triangle. Later on, events followed by the vanishing of DC-3 which was headed towards Miami and the British “Star Tiger” in 1948.

 In  1964, Vincent Gaddis first wrote an article on the Deadly Bermuda triangle and introduce this name in a pulp magazine.

Charles Berlitz also wrote his best-selling book on the devil’s triangle as Bermuda Triangle in the 1970s.

Later on, in 1984 a flight carrying passengers making its journey from Fort Lauderdale towards the Bahamian island also faded in thin air without even leaving a single trace even though one woman at that time claimed to witness the plan wrecking into the ocean yet no debris was ever found. The plane just simply got off the Radar signals.

For many past years, a lot more air crafts and boats disappeared later on but nothing can ever be found except a few debris or wrecked lifeboats. Almost 300 sunken boat debris lying in that area. We have lost almost 75 Aircraft and more than a thousand people till now.

Metaphysical explanations:

Many people linked all the incidents with some kind of outer world species like it must be the work of aliens or UFOs. Some believe that it leads people to another dimension. The flight 19 incident also linked to a rumor that all the people might fly towards Mars and never return.  One explanation is that there must be a huge sea monster live in that area of the ocean which is the reason for all the past incidents. People living in that area also believe that there must be some undiscovered island as Utopia or magical underwater Atlantis where all the vanished people go or it must be the work of Pirates robbing the ships and captured the people. Also, the fog mystery in which a magic thick fog appears from nowhere and engulfs a whole giant ship.

Scientific Theories:

Scientists tried to turn down all the myths and provide several theories which might be the reasons for all the disappearances. These theories provide the most logical reasons.

Human Error:  The incidents can be related to psychology when the mind starts playing games and the brain hears sounds that are not present in real. The sens of going up and down and moving left, right becomes so confused over sea waters. This condition is known as vertigo mostly occurs in pilots and sailors.

Compass issues: Most pilots and sailors rely on magnetic compasses for finding directions. The cause of incidents in Bermuda also occurs due to stopping compasses so it can be theorized that there must be some magnetic abnormalities at that part which causes abnormal changes in the compasses.

Severe weather conditions:

Extreme weather conditions like a hurricane, thunderstorms can be a reason of the destruction of ships and aircraft. Fast wind and cold currents of water at high speed can destroy any large ship when it hits it like a bomb. This kind of incident is really common in oceans and can be one of the explanations.

Hexagonal clouds :

 The most accepted theory which was proposed by scientists of the university of colorado in 2016 was the concept of hexagonal clouds. The images of the triangle were collected with help of various satellites which proposed that there might be hexagonal clouds present in that area which acts like car bombs and their speed can exceed 170 miles per hour and they can be a reason to cause sea waves as high as 45 feet which causes impossible to many ships ad aircraft to survive.  These clouds don’t form straight edges which is a unique thing that can only be observed in Bermuda Triangle. It is believed that there are almost 11 places like Bermuda Triangle in the world. Ivan t Sanderson marked these places while traveling and experience strange behaviors there about him 6 places are above the equator and 6 below it in a perfect line.

Methane eruptions:

Large pockets of gases escaping from the bottom of the ocean. These gases are the huge bubbles of methane gases that might escape and make a cover around ships due to which the ship loses its buoyancy and vanished from sight as it got sunken into the ocean. It is believed that at least one oil rig might get wrecked by this phenomenon. Bruce Dinardo a fluid-dynamic expert in a postgraduate school in California is researching these methane gas bubbles and the dangers that associates with them.

Diffraction of Heatwaves :

Meteorological and analytical studies point out the heat waves moving in the East along with the surface of Earth whose crests and troughs are north-south geographically stretched. These waves experience physical barriers as lofty rocky and by Andes mountain ranges having a gap region between Columbia and Mexico and except that place they maintain a constant height range of 3000-4000 meters between 40°S and 55°N latitudes. The waves while crossing the American continent experience single-slit diffraction of heat around the Bermuda Triangle which gives rise to exceptional weather conditions and ocean patterns to a very large extent that could explain the mysteries of the area.

Is the mystery fake?

The credibility of whether the whole fact about this triangle has been tested several times and even a famous journalist Larry Kusche claimed that it was no mystery and everything about it is fake yet the claim was itself flexible in opinion. He also published a book in 1975 titled Bermuda Triangle mystery solved but despite all of it, the myth remains. In 2002 during a Live science interview Benjamin Radford stated that many of the stories of ship wreckage were only just stories created by writers and some ships were even lost outside the range of triangle. Although some ships do go missing in the Triangle’s range and their mysterious stories or myths might stay as it is for quite a long time more.

A mystery unsolved  :

The mystery is yet unsolved even though provided by so many theories and myths but the matter is that  Bermuda still is the reason for strikingly frightening events like the recent event in 2015 when a cargo ship vessel sunk in the death-dealing Bermuda triangle during a hurricane and after that the loss of a boat having almost 20 people on Dec28,2020, making a journey from bemini in the Bahamas to Florida and was supposed to reach the destination on Dec29,2020 but went missing and even after searching the area of at least 17000 square miles it’s 2021 and yet the ship couldn’t find out and the search mission got suspended later on.

On  31 January 2020, some wrecked pieces of SS Cotopaxi have been discovered from a Florida coast. This ship vanished in 1925 and the exact story of what exactly happens to it is still unknown.


Both natural calamities and human dumbness can be a reason for the conspiracy behind the Bermuda Triangle incidents but still, it will remain the deadliest place to ever visit causing the record amount of accidents than any other part of the world. Despite the region’s captivating beauty the deadliest reports of the  Triangle still terrify the masses due to its heart-wrenching and astonishing history. The inquisitive human mind is trying to unfold this natural mysterious region but yet it will take a lot more effort to finally find the real answer.

Article author: maryam00000 (Fiverr.com)